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How do MonZon view Safety, Quality and the Environment?

Answer: We have over 75 years of experience in assembling, developing, testing, certifying, project adapting, distributing scaffolding and weather protection around the world.

  • The saftey of developing scaffolding is extremely high. MonZon delivers scaffolding systems that are tested and approved in accordance with EN 12811-1.
  • Quality is determined by testing and certifying products NOT as many believe in a visual assessment of an individual product!
  • MonZon is Quality and Environment Certified according to ISO 2015.



How can MonZon have such low prices?

Answer: We manufacture in our own factories WITHOUT intermediaries, which retailers or distributors often have. As much of our sales take place over the internet, which in itself results in relatively low overheads.


Where does your production take place?

Answer: Our factories are located in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, England, France, Portugal, Australia, Korea and China.


What are you going to use the scaffold for?

Answer: There are different types of scaffolding and they have different uses even though they all cover your need for secure access at height.

MonZon has the following types of scaffolding:

  • MonZon FRAME® and MonZon NO LIMIT™ which are best suited for exterior maintenance, painting, carpentry, window replacement, etc. These are two frame racks made of aluminum and are in load class 3-4. FRAME® and NO LIMIT™ are easy to install and easy to handle. We have made many different package solutions in FRAME® and NO LIMIT™ so it is easy to find the right size.
  • MonZon MODULAR® and NO LIMIT™ are scaffolding and loose parts made of steel in load class 5.
  • MonZon MODULAR LIGHT® and NO LIMIT™ are both a universal system based on a modular stand made of aluminum in load class 5.
  • MODULAR®, MODULAR LIGHT® and NO LIMIT™ are used for heavier and larger tasks. They are often used in large projects, by rental companies, in industry and offshore.
  • MonZon NO LIMIT™ can also be used for suspended scaffolding under bridges and in the shipbuilding industry.
  • MonZon PROTECT IT™ is used to secure buildings against weather and wind. They are often used on both small and large projects, by rental companies, in industry and offshore when you have to guarantee a dry and safe working environment.
  • MonZon EVENT® As one of the few that conducted full-scale tests according to EN 13200-6: 2006 on our grandstand system that is used up to 20,000 spectators at various events around the Nordic countries.


Why choose MonZon NO LIMIT™?

Answer: During all the years that the Månsson family has worked with assembling scaffolding, has the question been asked? Why should it be unsafe, heavy, time consuming and bad for the body to work with scaffolding. Therefore, a scaffolding system has now been developed that can be obtained in aluminum, which handles most work situations regarding load and normal construction heights.


  • 49% lower weight with NO LIMIT™
  • 26% fewer components with NO LIMIT™
  • 33% faster installation with NO LIMIT™
  • 50% less labor costs with NO LIMIT™
  • NO LIMIT™ uses c / c dimensions 300, 250, 225, 200, 175, 150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 25 compared to MODULAR® 307, 257, 207, 157, 140, 109, 73 cm.
  • NO LIMIT™ has self-locking decks/platforms, while MODULAR® requires an extra decking lock to secure the decking against lifting out.


Are the frame scaffolds stable?

Answer: Yes, scaffolding frames are very stable with 4 mm wall thickness and truss railings. The wall brackets of the facade scaffolding further increase the stability and these are approved to be built up to a height of 50.5 meters.


What widths can you get on your frame scaffolds?

Answer: You can choose between 73 cm or 100 cm, where the latter is completely unique to the market and is part of our future system, MonZon NO LIMIT™.


How should the frame scaffolds diagonal bracing be mounted?

Answer: In every fifth bay-section for MonZon FRAME® but NO diagonal braces are needed in MonZon NO LIMIT™ when using the MonZon Guardrail™



Frame scaffold or modular scaffold?

Answer: Our experience says that you can use a frame scaffold for most work, however, it is limited with its fixed height measurements of 2m where you have more flexibility with modular scaffolding (vertical standards) that can adjust the heights at 50 cm intervals and handle heavier loads than frame scaffold. Private individuals usually choose a frame scaffold due to the fact that there are fewer parts and easier assembly.


Aluminum or steel?

Answer: Vertical standards are made of aluminum and steel. These standards look exactly the same and cover exactly the same needs.

The standard 3m on the left in the picture is made of aluminum and the standard on the right is made of steel. The big difference is clearly the weight. The aluminum standard weighs 5.9 kg and the steel standard weighs 15.2 kg. This is a significant difference when handling this type of parts. If you come across steel parts that do not weigh much more than aluminum parts, it means that the steel wall thickness is smaller and that it can not withstand as much load. The raw material price of aluminum is almost three times higher than steel, so a scaffolding made of steel should be significantly cheaper. Round profiles can withstand more load and a harder treatment than square profiles.


What are the platforms made of?

Answer: Our standard platforms are aluminum platforms, fiberglass platforms where the frame is made of aluminum clad with corrugated aluminum panel or with weather-resistant and certified fiberglass panel or steel platforms. At each regular level, one, two, three or four platforms are used.

You can also get U-Steel deck or U-Aluminum deck as an alternative, but then you need two U-decks 32 against a U-platform 61 (fiberglass).


How big scaffold do you need?

Answer: Most suppliers have ready-made package solutions where you can see the dimensions of the scaffolding. Frame scaffolding and modular scaffolding usually have scaffolding sections that are 3 m long. As a rule, the working height (as high as you reach) is 2 m. Above the upper platform height. The height between the floors is 2 m. Check the dimensions carefully.


Are the scaffolding packages complete?

Answer: Yes, all our scaffolding packages are complete and ready to use. The scaffolding packages include fiberglass platforms, double railings, diagonals, adjustable base jacks (80cm), wall brackets, eyebolts, etc. If the scaffolding is to be used in professional use, it must, according to EN 12811-1, be supplemented with toe boards and stairs or access platforms.


Always check the parts list?

Answer: Check the parts list carefully. Make sure it contains all the parts you need and need. You must e.g. has wall brackets with eye screw and teo boards (kickboards). To evaluate two seemingly similar scaffolding against each other, check the parts list. Check which parts are in aluminum and which are in steel. Always check the type of platforms (floor) in the package. Our certified fiberglass (composite) platforms are much easier to handle and have a much longer service life than plywood platforms. Fiberglass platforms also withstand storage much better than plywood platforms.


Assembly instructions?

Answer: It is important that the scaffold is correctly mounted. Assembly instructions in local language must accompany the scaffolding. MonZon has a detailed assembly instruction (English version) that can be downloaded from our website.

If you are unsure about anything in connection with the assembly, we recommend our customers to contact us.

As you can see above, there are many different types of scaffolding. What they have in common is that they are approved in different load classes. It is important that you do not load the stand with more weight than it is approved for. For example. is our FRAME® scaffolding in load class 3. This means that you can load with 200 kg per. m2 floor space, but only one floor at a time. This will be shown in the assembly instructions for resp. scaffolding system.


Are there assembly videos?

Answer: Yes, all our scaffolding packages, scaffolding trailers, stair towers, construction stairs, public stair towers and weather protection can be seen how resp. packages can be mounted safely and efficiently. This is something we are the only ones in the market to provide online for our customers, all to give everyone security when shopping with MonZon.


All scaffolding must have type approval?

Answer: In order for everyone who works with or on scaffolding to be safe, Sweden has strict rules for what is required of the scaffolding. To know that the scaffolding you are going to buy is in accordance with the rules, you must check that it has a type approval. This should be easily accessible online so it is easy for the customer to know that the scaffolding is approved.

See the complete type approvals here



Can you mix MonZon Modular® with Layher Allround, modular scaffolding?

Answer: Yes, see here


Safety and scaffolding course?

Answer: As a private person, there is no requirement that you must take a scaffolding course before assembling and using your scaffolding. But it is important that you follow the installation instructions carefully.

For those who perform work in scaffolding industry, there are strict rules for which courses you must have. For those who install scaffolding, there are different certificates depending on how high you are going to build.


Can I complete my scaffold?

Answer: Scaffolding is almost like building with Lego. In addition to the basic parts that you will find in the scaffolding packages, there are many other additional parts that make the scaffolding more flexible. If you have challenges such as terrain that slopes more than you can adjust with the lower bottom screw jack, then you can compensate with e.g. and 1m. frame. If the platform does not reach the desired height, you can mount it with a part called a U-transom, adjustable. If some places want a wider platform, we use consoles. The solutions are many and we are happy to help you find the right solution for you. Sometimes it can be good to take a picture of the wall with the challenges and send us and we will find a solution with you.



Answer: Check the type of warranty the provider offers. MonZon offers a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. There is no warranty against user error.


How much does a scaffold weight?

Answer: To get an exact answer to this, we recommend that you look at each scaffold as the weight depends on the type of scaffold, parts, etc.

Our most popular scaffolding are made of aluminum and they are therefore much lighter than a steel scaffold.

Almost all of our scaffolding packages can be driven on a standard car trailer.

As an example, it can be mentioned that the FRAME® scaffolding package in aluminum 3x6 meters weighs about 172 kg and the FRAME® scaffolding package in aluminum 9x6 meters weighs about 366 kg.


What is the difference between Flexi packages and our scaffolding packages?

Answer: The flexi packages include several parts such as adjustable feet, L-guardrail post and more. This means that the scaffolding can be built in several different sizes.

For example. With Flexi Package 3, you can build it in the sizes 9x6 meters with gable top, 9x6 meters, 6x8 meters and 15x4 meters. (width x working height)


How can MonZon guarantee the availability of the products?

Answer: In order to be able to offer high quality goods at the lowest possible price, we buy them directly from our manufacturers all over the world. Delivery times can sometimes be very long. Even if we do our utmost to get goods home, it is difficult to assess demand or anticipate delayed deliveries, which is why goods sometimes run out. We must therefore make a reservation because our goods are sometimes not available when customers request them.


Transport and delivery?

Answer: Always check the shipping price before ordering scaffolding. There are often large packages so that transport can be expensive.

We send scaffolding packages daily with DHL as the carrier in the Nordic countries. For our stock items, delivery is usually between 2-4 working days. In our online store, you can easily calculate the exact price for shipping by selecting a product and entering your postcode.

  • Where is my delivery? You can search for your shipment using the Consignment ID HERE!

It is also possible to pick up goods yourself at one of our warehouses in Gothenburg and Stockholm so that you save on transport costs.


Can I store my scaffolding outdoors?

Answer: Yes, the scaffolding can withstand both weather and wind without rusting.



Answer: Yes, we have developed a unique in-house developed design tool that is based on our experience as a scaffold builder and on how we look at a safe and efficient way to ensure safety and efficiency at the construction site. See here


Can MonZon do the design and calculate the scaffolding and weather protection according to EN 16508: 2015?

Answer: Yes, as one of few, we can submit proposals for a project and make design calculations where the entire construction is calculated as a unit where dead weight, load, wind and snow are calculated.


Does MonZon take full responsibility if something happens?

Answer: Yes, if you use 100% Orginal MonZon products and follow our instructions regarding project design, material lists and loads, signatories sign a verification report of the design calculation for a project. This unique report is an important part of a major project's safety and quality stamp.