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Frame Scaffold (alu)


MonZon FRAME® scaffolding system is an ideal aluminum scaffolding for facade, construction and maintenance work. FRAME® consists of lightweight components in high quality aluminum. With tested and approved fiberglass platforms, assembly becomes faster and safer. In addition to lower weight than steel, aluminum is also 100 % recyclable. You can build FRAME® 50.5 m high entirely in aluminum in load class 3 with 40 cm screwed feet, which means that MonZon has the strongest frame stand in aluminum on the market.

Frame scaffolding - aluminum: makes it easier

Our aluminum scaffolding is easy to install and handle in the workplace and is the best choice for you who often uses scaffolding. With us, you always get quality at the right price and aluminum frame scaffolding that meets your requirements and needs. With MonZon FRAME®, work is smooth and easy.

When is aluminum frame scaffolding the best choice?

An aluminum frame scaffolding is excellent for you who often has various construction projects going on that you need some type of scaffolding for. Thanks to its light components, an aluminum scaffold is easy to handle both during assembly and disassembly. You choose what your needs are; if you want to order a scaffolding package to create a foundation, if you want to choose scaffolding parts or maybe even buy a stair tower for the work that requires you to work at height. We also have ready-made house packages with aluminum scaffolding.

Simple, fast and safe frame scaffolding with a load capacity up to Load Class 3, (2.0 kN/m2).

Certified or conforms according to the following standards: