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Modular Scaffold (steel)


For those of you who are looking to buy a scaffolding that lasts, the MonZon MODULAR® steel system is a very cost-effective, flexible and strong scaffolding solution. The flexible wreath with 8 connections enables very complex scaffolding that is ideal for projects in industry or the construction industry.

With us, you can buy scaffolding in steel that increases safety

Replace the horizontals with our new MonZonRäcke with its patented flexible wedge heads and you increase safety and speed up assembly time considerably. As the scaffolding is prefabricated in steel, they can handle higher load classes in comparison with scaffolding in aluminum.

Scaffolding with many possibilities

MODULAR® scaffolding has almost unlimited possibilities in terms of assembly and use. Since the scaffolding system consists of strong components in steel, you can build as high as you want while maintaining load class 6. Choose between 4 different types of planking and 7 different widths where the standard width is 73 cm.

Flexible and safe modular scaffolding with load capacity up to Load Class 5, (4.5kN/m2

Certified or conforms according to the following standards: