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Flexi-Package - Modular

Popular flexi packages for your construction project

We have created the flexi packages so that you can get the most out of your scaffolding. In these we have added extra scaffolding parts that allow you to use your scaffolding as well as possible in length and height. Sometimes you need to reach as high as possible, for example if you need to work with the gable of a house. At other times you may need to reach a lower level but reach as far as possible e.g. long sides of houses, garages,


MonZon Modular® Steel scaffolding gives you unlimited possibilities with great flexibility in terms of height, high strength and 50 cm between the nodes!

In this scaffolding package, all parts are in steel, such as: vertical standard, horizontal struts, double railings, diagonal struts and u-transoms. This means that the weight of the parts that are handled the most is reduced by up to 50% compared to our equivalent in steel, MonZon Modular Light® . This contributes to an improved working environment, and transports are reduced as it is possible to load more material on the same trailer / truck.

Scaffolding MonZon Modular® is based on 3.07 m c / c dimensions. The scaffolding can also be widened with brackets and also adjusted in height with variable rosette couplings or shorter vertical standards for roof work or large variations in the ground.

The module scaffolding is developed, inspected and certified in Sweden, which ensures the highest quality and a 10-year guarantee.

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Certified or conforms according to the following standards: