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Roof system - Roof over roof

WEATHER PROTECTION is a growing market as the requirements for protected constructions and maintenance work increase.

We have worked together with scaffolders and users from all over the world to find problem areas that need to be solved and their requirements for a temporary roofing system ready for the future.

The requirements were clear; scaffolders and users want ONE SYSTEM that can be DESIGNED and ANALYZED for loadings according to SS-EN 12810-1, SS-EN 12811-1 and SS-EN 16508:2015.

The system must be LIGHT, FLEXIBLE and STRONG to improve ERGONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL aspects with NO compromises on SAFETY. DOWNTIME should be reduced for main and subcontractors. Building owners and end users should be protected from RAIN, SNOW and WIND damages in order to reduce COSTS.

A temporary weather protection roof that is designed for free spans up to 50m!


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