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Roof system - Roof over roof


WEATHER PROTECTION is a growing market as the requirements for protected constructions and maintenance work increase.

We have worked together with scaffolders and users from all over the world to find problem areas that need to be solved and their requirements for a temporary roofing system ready for the future.

The requirements were clear; scaffolders and users want ONE SYSTEM that can be DESIGNED and ANALYZED for loadings according to SS-EN 12810-1, SS-EN 12811-1 and SS-EN 16508:2015.

The system must be LIGHT, FLEXIBLE and STRONG to improve ERGONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL aspects with NO compromises on SAFETY. DOWNTIME should be reduced for main and subcontractors. Building owners and end users should be protected from RAIN, SNOW and WIND damages in order to reduce COSTS.

Available in the following version in Aluminum:

  • Double Pitched Roof, 18o roof angle with or without truss tension wire.
  • Mono Pitched Roof, 18o roof angle.
  • Mansard Roof (5 x Keder Roof Ridge = 180o)
  • Possibility of Asymmetrical Roofs.
  • Spans up to 50m *
  • Bay/section lengths 250-75 or 257-73 cm.

Support scaffolding: MonZon NO LIMIT (75 & 100) MonZon MODULAR® (73 & 109) or MonZon MODULAR LIGHT® (73).

* Wind and snow loads according to project-specific conditions and national regulations must be observed!

Safe working conditions

By making the roof sections mobile and remote control with our unique control system with electric motors mounted on one or more roof trollies, safety is ensured when opening and closing the temporary roofing when handling material inside the weather protection.

Maintenance and snow removal work is done safely with the help of our integrated fall protection system in the roof ridge.

Easy to assemble

MonZon Guardrail™ for fast and safe installation. The roof truss is mounted completely screwless through MonZon LockTM

High load capacity

With MonZon NO LIMIT ™ or MonZon MODULAR®, Modular scaffolding as a support construction scaffolding, wind and snow loads can be handled in accordance with current European Standard: EN 16508-2015.

Handling of the material

Keder Roof Lattice Beam (alu) 300x75 cm: 26 kg

O-Ledger (alu) 300 cm: 5.7 kg

MonZon Guardrail™ (alu) 50x300 cm: 8.4 kg

Roof Support Frame 18o (alu): 6.5 kg

Roof Railbeam (alu) 346cm: 31.7 kg


For a complete presentation CLICK HERE and various roof over roof applications CLICK HERE


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