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Industrial scaffolding (alu or steel)


MonZon NO LIMIT™ is our industrial scaffolding system, which has been developed as a result of many years of solid research and studies carried out by our engineering department. MonZon NO LIMIT™ industrial scaffolding is the result of a close cooperation with scaffolding builders and users all over the world. With the help of experts from the construction industry to the gas and oil industry, we have been able to identify critical problem areas and requirements for future-ready industrial scaffolding.

Clear requirements for industrial scaffolding

The requirements for industrial scaffolding have been clear. Scaffolders and users want:

  • A single system throughout
  • An industrial scaffold that can be built faster
  • A system that is as flexible as pipes and fittings
  • Industrial scaffolding that is as easy to assemble as frame scaffolding
  • A light and strong system
  • Scaffolding systems that improve ergonomics and work environment aspects
  • A system that does not compromise on safety

MonZon NO LIMIT™ industrial scaffolding is available in the following versions

MonZon NO LIMIT™ industrial scaffolding is available in both aluminum and steel in the following designs.

Safe working conditions

  • Work platforms are completely covered without gaps and overlapping planks.

Anti-slip protection

  • All planks have an integrated lifting barrier and non-slip surface with perforation.

Easy to assemble

  • MonZon Guardrails for quick and safe installation of guardrails that can also replace the need for diagonal braces.

High load capacity

  • With MonZon NO LIMIT™, Frame and Modular Scaffold handle load capacity up to Load Class 5, (4.5kN/m2).

Handling of the material

Read more in a presentation and about different scaffolding applications.

Thinking of investing in industrial scaffolding? Then we believe this system is the future. Feel free to contact us at and we will help you with design, VR presentation, calculations and financing.

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