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Suspended Scaffold (alu) - No Limit™


We can supply fully customised suspended scaffolding for work requiring suspended access. With monzon’s suspended scaffold systems you get perfect accessibility.

Challenging deadlines in the closed access industry require maximum productivity – which is what you get with suspended scaffolding.

Suspended scaffold systems

MonZon NO LIMIT™ is a suspended scaffold/platform for maintenance and repair, and can be adapted to most shapes and sizes. This makes suspended scaffolding the perfect solution for a variety of projects.

  • Components can be easily handled by one person.
  • Does not require special tools to assemble.
  • The load capacity ranges from 2 kN/m2 to 6kN/m2  or Light-, Medium- and Heavy Duty 25 lb/ft2-75 lb/ft2.
  • Can be built in the air or on the ground and then hoisted on site.
  • Equipment can be moved and assembled as the work progresses.

Designs developed by project engineers

Our project engineers have developed designs that can be applied to:

  • Bridges
  • Boilers
  • Offshore
  • Military ships
  • Mines
  • Aircraft