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Modular Scaffolding (alu)


MonZon MODULAR LIGHT® is an aluminum scaffolding and a system that has almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to assembly and use. The scaffolding system consists of strong aluminum components, which makes it flexible and gives you many options when you have work you want to do with a scaffolding that is easy to handle.

Scaffolding aluminium - A lightweight

Our scaffolding in aluminum is a lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and transport, while it can be built 360 ° on uneven ground. This makes it easier for you to get it in place. It also has a higher resale value than many other scaffolds, precisely because of its flexibility, durability and light weight.

With us, you can also find a heavier variant of modular scaffold, made of steel. It weighs more but gives you the same flexibility you get from an aluminum scaffolding.

Flexible scaffold for easier work

If you are going to assemble a scaffolding and use it frequently, we recommend modular scaffolding in aluminum. For those of you who are looking for a high-quality, flexible module scaffolding that is easy to assemble, MonZon MODULAR LIGHT® is the right choice!

Aluminum scaffoldung - in different sizes

This scaffolding allows you to choose between 4 different types of planking and 7 different widths where the standard width is 73 cm. With, for example, fiberglass platforms and MonZon railings, assembly becomes both faster and safer.

From our range, you can also choose to buy an aluminum scaffold that is mounted with frames rather than with finished modules. A modular scaffolding is easy to assemble thanks to its modules - choose between different scaffolding packages and add scaffolding parts to create a scaffolding that meets your needs.

Flexible and safe modular scaffolding with load capacity up to Load Class 5, (4.5kN/m2).

Certified or conforms according to the following standards: